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Getting Back Into That Artist Hustle


I’ve been away from my blog for what seems an eternity, but have been toying with the idea of coming back to it since around the beginning of the year. The day job had been keeping me too busy and there was no big push to restart blogging. Aside from that there were simply more reasons not to want to do this in the interests of my own sanity. But let’s not get into that right now.

The thing is I now need my art and illustration side hustle more than ever (and truth be told I regret not keeping up with the habit). 

My old car, which had served me well for eight years, and is actually 16 years old is finally looking like it’s reaching the end of the road. I either need to keep it going for another year or replace it. Neither option is cheap unfortunately.

So if all that is a bit too much TL:DR then here’s my plan:

  • More drawing! Got to be top of my list right?!
  • Commissions open! I’m going to be on the look out for commission work and if anyone out there needs a drawing then reach out to me
  • Selling merch and originals! My wife told me to sell a kidney but I don’t think I’m at that stage just yet. I’m going to look again at my Design By Humans shop and would love to sell through my blog.
  • Buy Me a Coffee (or something). I need to look into these donation sites a bit. I don’t want something for nothing so would love to offer small original drawings for small donations. Alternatively if someone could start up “Buy Me a Car” then I think I’d be first in the queue to try that out

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