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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


I’ve been away for a long time. It feels like I’ve been lost in the wilderness. A desolate, empty place. Ok only figuratively of course. But to me it felt so devastating.

I discovered that I had carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. My drawing hand. This all happened around summer last year. Eventually it became so painful to draw that I decided to stop. I think the final straw when I was going down to London for a job. I would lose sensation in my hand whilst driving along the motorway. I packed away all my drawing kit and thought that was the end of that.

It was so hard because I enjoyed drawing so much and I’d thought I was getting so much out of sharing my drawings on Twitter.

Towards the end of the year I decided to look into surgery for my hand. I thought I’d take any improvement from surgery in place of the status quo. I was also concerned reading that my condition would get progressively worse without any kind of intervention.

So I found myself going under the knife late last year. And this is the result:

My scar

I finally think I’m at a stage where I want to get some drawing kit out again and see how it goes.

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