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Pen and Ink Drawing: Exercise Contraption


For today’s post – a pen and ink drawing of a long-forgotten exercise machine that’s been shifted through most of the rooms of our house and ended up sat in the corner of our bedroom. I’ll give a prize to the first person in the comments below who can identify this particular exercise product – I’ll send out this original drawing signed by me!

Exercise Contraption. Pen and ink – Tachikawa Manga fountain pen and layout paper.

I’ve had a busy week at work last week preparing for an appraisal (this stuff never ends!) so not had much chance to work on drawings. So it’s somewhat appropriate that my first drawing back is of a forgotten exercise machine. Drawing is definitely an exercise that needs constant practice to train the hands and eyes to work together. For me, drawing is more fun than physical exercise, but I’m starting to understand the need to keep fit now that this is affecting my drawing and other work – back pain and joint pains are really no fun at all! Hopefully more drawings from now on and maybe a little more exercise… who knows!

ps. Don’t forget – if you know what I’ve drawn up there, maybe you have one of these machines yourself, then leave a comment with your email address or DM me on Twitter @TheAnatomyst and I’ll send out this original drawing.

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