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Anatomyst self portrait, watercolour
Anatomyst – A self portrait in pen and ink and watercolour


My blog has actually grown a fair bit since I started it back in the middle of March, which is amazing for so many reasons, but mainly because I have such a poor track record with both blogging and drawing so you’d think the combination of the two would spell disaster! So against all odds I feel the need to add a bit of organisation so you don’t have to delve back through the mists of time to find out about The Anatomyst.

Essentially I’ve just borrowed from my first ever post… minus the half-eaten strawberry.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved doodling. When my mind wanders, and if I have a pen to hand, I’ll find myself drawing whatever’s in front of me. In a strange way it helps me concentrate. I’m sure there was some research a while back showing that people who are doodling during lectures are actually taking in more than those sitting there in a stupor. But somewhere along the way I went into a career in medicine. Would I have rather gone into art and illustration? Maybe. Am I happy with what I do now? Absolutely, yes. I don’t think I would have retained such an enjoyment of drawing if it was my full time career. But I’ve still retained this love of drawing.

Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of drawing and illustration books. The one that’s helped me decide to start an exercise in just drawing stuff has been “art before breakfast” by Danny Gregory. I like the whole philosophy of art with a little “a”. Democratising the whole idea of drawing the world around us and using art to take a break from everything and have a bit of a timeout.

And so I started this blog for daily sketches, doodles and illustrations with a little bit of commentary about the pens, paper and other things I’m using and a tangential look at what might be going on in the world. I also tweet @TheAnatomyst so feel free to follow me for more updates. I’m always up for collaborations and commissions – contact me on Twitter or using the contact form below.

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