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Switching Off

My daughter took my phone this morning to look at photos. It’s her thing at the moment. She likes looking her baby photos and photos of her with her little brother. At first I was annoyed. I actually think I might be addicted to my phone. But she did me a favour in the end as it was a good opportunity to do some drawing and, as an added bonus, she was sat still so I was able to draw her. 
I’ve been exploring the idea of mindfulness meditation for a while and in a way this felt good to put the phone down for a while and reconnect my eyes, my hands and my mind. I’ve struggled with the sitting and breathing type meditations; I actually think drawing works better for me to help control my attention and refocus.

Notes on Silverpoint

At the top is her foot and the one underneath is mine. Drawn in silverpoint on acrylic gesso-primed fabriano paper. I just tend to use standard paper, though I do have a watercolour sketchbook, which would probably be better for use with the gesso. It only needs a light coat of gesso to work though.
I’m liking the silverpoint so far. I can get a nice line with it and variation depending on which part of my silver wire hits the paper. I can also be a little heavy-handed and the silver doesn’t wear down like graphite.

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