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I’ve finally got my act together and got my store at DesignByHumans up and running. It’s taken me a long while after initially trying to sell my design “You Don’t Own Me” over at Cotton Bureau to decide how to try to get my work selling. I had initially gone with the plan of Cotton Bureau because I had been set on having my t-shirts screenprinted rather than using direct-to-garment printing, but unfortunately I didn’t get enough pre-orders to make screenprinting a viable option.

Thankfully the feedback from people on Twitter has been really positive towards the quality of prints from Design By Humans so I’m glad to have a home for my work there.

And so here it is: my first design up for sale at Design By Humans! “You Don’t Own Me” by The Anatomyst.

My design “You Don’t Own Me” – up for sale at DesignByHumans

This is up for sale on a wide range of different garments: t-shirts, tanktops and kids clothing. TheAnatomyst “You Don’t Own Me” t-shirt design for sale at DesignByHumans.

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