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"You Don't Own Me" T-shirt at Cotton Bureau


I’ve been really busy recently trying to keep up with daily sketches and testing out the Back Pocket Notebook whilst at the same time working on a number of t-shirt designs to practise and promote my illustration work. (Hey I’m always open to discuss commissions if you’re interested! You can contact me on Twitter @TheAnatomyst or through my Contact page.) So this is my latest design: “You Don’t Own Me”. This T-shirt is going to be up for pre-orders at Cotton Bureau very soon. Don’t worry though, I’ll be blogging and tweeting like crazy when it’s there so you’ll know when to get your orders in.

I do have a number of other designs in the pipeline, but this was my favourite. The text is from the song “You Don’t Own Me” sung by Grace ft. G-Eazy. And well, I like drawing hands. I think it ties together nicely!

“You Don’t Own Me” T-shirt coming soon to Cotton Bureau for pre-orders

The “You Don’t Own Me” T-shirt design will be available on 100% cotton natural/ivory t-shirts, a vintage turquoise tri-blend t-shirt and a white fleck tank top. If you’ve not come across Cotton Bureau before, they’re a curated t-shirt design community so not all submissions get picked. And unlike many of the other t-shirt companies out there, they screen-print their t-shirts. Screen-printing offers better quality than can be achieved by the inkjet-style direct-to-garment printers. They work a little like Kickstarter so only designs that get a minimum of 12 pre-orders will get printed…. So I’m trying to get the word out about my design with this pre-pre-order message!

I will let you all know again when it’s up for pre-orders. In the meantime remember if you’re interested in custom work just get in touch @TheAnatomyst.

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