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Pentel Fude Brush Pen Sketch


I’d actually wanted to try out the Pilot Parallel pen for this next test but found out it had no ink in it. Luckily I found I had a long forgotten brush pen in my case – the Pentel GFKP brush pen. I think I’d put it to one side because I’d never really gotten to grips with it. This pen has a tip of synthetic bristles and uses a fade resistant, waterproof pigment ink leaving a really wet line.

I did this quick sketch in the Back Pocket Notebook.

This was a quick 10-minute sketch testing out the Back Pocket Notebook with a Pentel Brush Pen

I thought this would be a good test. The pen didn’t bleed through the pages and dried quickly enough so as not to smudge. I’m quite tempted to keep this pen in regular rotation now so that I might use it more for inking sketches. It’s actually good to know that I can work in pencil, fountain pen and a brush pen here without any issues .

A Quick Bonus Pencil Sketch

Just as a bonus I did this sketch whilst waiting for my bus to leave. It’s actually one of the advantages of being able to carry a notebook around everywhere and fits into the whole philosophy of Urban Sketching and “art before breakfast” as I wrote about when I first started building drawing into my daily routine.

Waiting for my bus to leave at work I was sat at the back sketching away

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