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Creme Egg on a Spoon


Today’s is just a random drawing. I found a Creme Egg at the bottom of my bag and thought it would be a nice treat for after lunch. It wasn’t in the best of states having been carried round in my bag for months. Let that be a lesson for us all. Chocolate is best eaten immediately. At least I have a drawing of the Creme Egg on a spoon as a reminder of this.

Egg and Spoon – 2B pencil and inked using my Pilot parallel pen

In other news, I just wanted to share with you that I’ve been working on some really exciting designs for T-shirts and prints. Now I’m still deciding whether to set up my own store here or go with another site but the aim is really for own webshop right here at I will try to get designs up on other sites too as I know sometimes you have accounts all set at your favourite stores. Probably easiest to keep an eye on my Twitter @TheAnatomyst for more updates.

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