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Tea Interrupted


Tea cup, pen and ink. Imagining my cup of tea brutally taken from me whilst I was trying to pay for it at Nando’s

I’ve been away from this drawing blog for some time now with lots of things going on around and about both in my day-job as a doctor and in life etc. I’ve been working on a few other creative outlets and our daughter has been unwell. But she’s on the mend now and we decided to go out for a family meal to Nando’s as it’s one of her favourites. So we went out on the Bank Holiday Monday just gone. It was very, very busy and this particular Nando’s was woefully understaffed.

Now I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Nando’s is (maybe just in my mind) known for aggressively turning tables; after you’ve finished eating you’ll be pestered about whether you want dessert to try to encourage you to leave. This particular branch took things to a whole new level though; during the meal I’d overheard the waiter seating customers telling them which table he was planning on sitting them at and saying they could order whilst waiting for the table if they wanted. OK so this riled me up a little bit. And unfortunately for this waiter we like ordering dessert. So I got a cup of tea and my wife had the chocolate cake. I went up to pay for this when I thought the queue had gone down a bit and overheard the waiter telling a woman waiting for a table that she could order using our table number. This got me even angrier especially when she immediately got up in front of me to try to order (I told her not to unless she wanted us to eat her food).

But what really tipped me over the edge was when I turned round to see that my cup of tea had been cleared from the table! Fair enough the manager waived the charge for the cake and tea and hopefully was in the process of giving that waiter a telling off as we left. But still that’s not what I’d call good customer service Nando’s! (I was going to end that statement with “Naughty!” but it makes me sound too much like Donald Trump ending his Twitter rants with “Bad!”)

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