The Anatomyst T-shirt Designs

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching recently when I saw that Design By Humans have started a contest for all-over t-shirt print designs. I’ve always wanted to get a design printed at Design By Humans back when it was contests only. They had, and still do have, some amazing work. But recently they’ve gone down the print-on-demand route allowing people to apply to have a storefront through their website and so there’s so much more competition. Now on the one hand I can see the advantages of having a store on a site like Design By Humans because of the exposure and traffic, but equally I’d love to set up my own store on my site here.

Anyway since they opened this new contest I thought I might give it a go because it’d be amazing to have something printed there so I started working on a couple of ideas I’ve had in my head for a long while (hence the lack of daily drawings). After my initial drawings and a lot of thought, however, I’ve decided just to hang fire a little. Ok I’m going to miss out on the Design By Humans contest, but I really think I’ll be better off having more of a critical mass of designs to get going. Hmmmm… critical mass…. Now there’s an idea…

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