Portrait challenge

Having a rough evening as the little one isn’t sleeping so I’m just going to post the drawing I did for the Portrait Challenge from @StudioTeaBreak earlier today.

Take a look at @TheAnatomyst’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/TheAnatomyst/status/847453606404018179?s=09

Edited to add the drawing here:

Portrait Challenge for 30.03.17 - @StudioTeabreak
Portrait Challenge for 30.03.17 – @StudioTeabreak

Tachikawa Manga fountain pen with School G nib and Pelikan Fount India Ink in my CODA notebook.

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    […] thought ahead and brought along my little notebook to do some drawing. I’d enjoyed doing the portrait challenge yesterday so tried drawing a few of the people around me. I’ve always had a problem drawing […]

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