Negative Space

Negative space drawing
Negative space drawing

Caran dAche Technograph Pencil 777 4H and Tachikawa Manga fountain pen with School G nib and black ink.

For this daily drawing I was looking through another one of my books on drawing, which is somewhat imaginatively titled “The Drawing Book” and I came across exercises in negative space. I’d tried this many years ago so it was interesting to revisit. I found the curves of the mug and lid on the drink cup came out better when I was drawing the space around them rather than what I was expecting to see.

The other thing I enjoyed coming back to was a good pencil. After using my fountain pen for the past week or so it was refreshing being able to put down a really light line. The 4H Caran d’Ache pencil is fantastic especially if, like me, you have a heavy hand.

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