Sketching Out and About

It’s been a busy few days and I haven’t had much time to draw at home so I was struggling to think what to do for today’s daily piece. But I’d recently been reading about urban sketching, using any spare moment to get a drawing done and worrying less about what counts as a completed drawing. So whilst sat on a bus I was able to do something of a landscape sketch.

watercolour sketch of a derelict house
Derelict house

Tachikawa Manga fountain pen with School G nib, black ink, Reeves watercolour pencils on Coda notebook insert.

I drew this in my lovely CODA handmade refillable leather notebook.

CODA handmade refillable leather notebook
CODA handmade refillable leather notebook

I’ve been meaning to take this notebook out on my travels ever since I got it. The refill that came with the leather notebook has quite good paper, which did well to manage with the fine nib on the Tachikawa fountain pen, but it coped less well with the watercolour pencils. I think it absorbed too much of the water from my brush so there was less on the surface to blend the colours. Overall though I love the cover and expect it to get better over many years of use.

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