Sleeping Cat

Sleeping cat watercolour
Sleeping Cat. Pen and ink with watercolour

Tachikawa Manga fountain pen with School G nib and black ink. Watercolour with Reeves watercolour pencils. On cartridge paper.

I wanted to pull out my watercolour pencils again this time and try them in my field sketch book on cartridge paper, which is cheaper than the Winsor and Newton paper I’ve used previously. This worked well in my view, of course not quite as good as watercolour paper but after it had dried it was fine and there was no sign the paper had been wet. The pad I used was only £3 from The Works – This one has 48 sheets of 150gsm paper. I think they also sell a similar book branded Crawford & Black, which has 80 sheets of 96gsm paper. I’m not sure how well it would hold up to use with watercolours. The other I’ve noted is just how intense that black watercolour is! Never having used watercolours before I’m still getting the hang of these.

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