Control, hand sketch in pen and ink
Control, pen and ink

Tachikawa Manga fountain pen, school G nib, black ink on cartridge paper

I’d spent the morning trying to draw a series of chimney stacks I can see from my window as was trying to work on getting perspective right but eventually decided to play around drawing my hand and I liked this drawing better so here it is.

I’ve called this “Control”. Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of Stormzy on the radio; someone jokingly said that everything is better with a bit of Stormzy. (Bear with me on this. It’s only a little abstract.) I’d be lying if I said that I knew everything he’s done, but I can appreciate his work and that he’s clearly put in the hours getting to where he is now. So Stormzy got slightly angry after appearing on the cover of NME to illustrate an issue about depression without his permission. I really get where he’s coming from on this. Why should anyone be put up on the front of a magazine if they don’t want that?

Now I could never say I’ve had depression but I have had some difficult times and for me what this often boiled down to was feeling out of control of my own direction in life. We all want a sense of control and purpose in life. With my drawing for today I wanted more control over the lines and keep it clean and crisp. I think it looks pretty good!

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