Dictation Cassette

dictation cassette
Dictation cassette.

Dictation cassette. Tachikawa Manga fountain pen, School G nib. Reeves Water Colour pencils. On Winsor and Newton 300gsm watercolour paper.

This was on my desk and because I wanted to fulfill my daily drawing challenge and have some large areas of colour to try out my watercolour pencils, this became the subject of today’s drawing. It’s interesting that this is almost a throwback to a bygone era. Nowadays we use digital dictation and even when we need a dictaphone it¬†records to a memory card so we’re not relying on the mechanical turning on spools and magnetic tape. I’m sure if I show this to my daughter when she’s old enough to talk she’d tell me how silly I am for ever having such a contraption. Granted she doesn’t need to be able to talk really to be able to tell me when I’m being silly. Even now, we’re living in an age when microwave ovens can be used for covert surveillance*. Truly we’re living in a remarkable time!


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